Tales from Trinity City Concept Art

I’ve been working on Tales from Trinity City for a long time now, and I want to share the work I have done for it.


Trinity City is the last bastion of hope for the human race, but it’s no picnic. The central authority does everything it can to ensure the population is taken care of, but it requires its citizens to work hard to make it happen.

It’s broken into several districts – The Projects, where the city banishes criminals or people who don’t pull their weight. Little Asia is the cultural power of Trinity City – where arts, commerce and spirituality are intertwined to provide meaning for the people. Lastly, Centropolis, which houses most of the population and contains the Central Authority and Centropolis University.
The Projects is the harshest place in the city. The only reprieve is the hard work that the Family has put into the community. They created a public garden for food for people to eat since the Central Authority gives very little to this area.

But the Family and the Devil’s Mayhem Biker Gang are fighting for control. This divide has left many inhabitants to reject both groups. They would rather live in “The Despair” than commit acts of violence.
Little Asia is the cultural centre of the city. Because they secured the Mines and created an industrial section within months of the invasion, they negotiated a unique position in Trinity City, a centre for commerce, art and spirituality.

The Asians were allowed to keep their shopping and arts district. The rest of the city was forbidden to own private businesses.

They also have a magnificent herb garden in the city, not only inspiring people with sight but also with smell and taste as well.

And the Temple on Three Rivers provides public sermons for the followers of the Shaper and rooms for private contemplation.
Centropolis is the industrial and political power of the city. The nuclear power plant generates the power the city needs, and the food the people eat.

It contains 100s of vertical farms creating the fruits and vegetables that the citizens eat every single day. It also operates the docks with automated ships that bring in as much seafood as they possibly can.

It produces weapons and armour for the city’s military and the peace officers who patrol the streets. And it contains the media districts that provide the entertainment the citizens need on the CentralNet.
Instead of using above ground streets to transport food, products and materials around the city, Trinity City uses underground tunnels. This ensures, no matter what is happening in the city, the work of Trinity City to keep themselves alive continues.

Those who explore the tunnels know there is much more. Many tunnels don’t show up on the official maps, leading to speculation – are there secret military installations, or black market shops, or bases for different factions in the city.
The Central Authority is the height of political power in the city.

It has two of the great wonders of the city, Centropolis Plaza and Centropolis University.

Centropolis Plaza contains the parliament and office buildings for the elected officials and their support staff. Surrounding it is 3 suburbs for their living quarters.

To the east, Centropolis University educates many of the city’s youth, ensuring they become as productive as they can. With three campuses, one for media studies, one for defence studies, and the last for science.

To the east of the university, the city has 100s of vertical farms, growing all the grains, fruits and vegetables the citizens need.
The Docs are one of the most important areas in Trinity City, they provide almost all the protein the citizens need.
The city uses electric powered fishing vessels with little crew, which are recharged when they get back into port.
Nature and Water controllers ensure there is plenty of seafood for the vessels.
The Military suburbs are the last line of defence for the city. If the Serpents manage to get past the forcefields and armaments, this is the last final line.
Strategically, placed behind the Asian Districts and the Projects, they will hold the line against the invaders.
This may not have happened in the past 20 years, but placing them near the Projects and Asian Districts has also helped them maintain the peace during the two riots.

Concept Art

Health Centres are one of the most vital parts of the city. It contains all the mental and physical health services the population needs. It also provides all pharmaceuticals, healing and psychological services the citizens need.
Centropolis Plaza is the political power of Trinity City. Hundreds of politicians from the different suburbs and districts and 10s of thousands of their support workers ensure the city functions, despite the limited resources they have access to,

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