Tales from Trinity City: Marvels of the City Release

The Tales from Trinity City Universe main page.

Download the Tales from Trinity City: Marvels of the City Source Book!

After a couple of years with so many projects on the go, writing Webtastic Stories and the first Tales from Trinity City campaign and creating a City Map of Trinity City. I have finished another instalment for Tales from Trinity City: the Marvels of the City.

Many of the most influential leaders in Trinity City narrate the book. They will share their thoughts, insights and motivations in this book. The book is essential to understand what is happening in Trinity City in the coming years.

Let me Introduce the Marvels of the City sourcebook.

Download the Tales from Trinity City: Marvels of the City Source Book

Synopsis:  Trinity City is at a crossroads. The Unknown Gifted may have saved the city from the Serpentine Empire 19 years ago, but citizens have grown tired of being overworked and tensions between the different groups in the city. With constant fights on the CentralNet and even on the streets, the citizens can feel a third riot in the wind.

Join the ranks of the greatest heroes in the city to bring peace and hope to the citizens by defending them from aliens and threats within.

The Marvels of the City allows you to explore Trinity City like no other sourcebook prior. Learn about everything from Centropolis Towers to the Arena in the Projects to the Temple of Three Rivers, pictured in the thumbnail.

Tales from Trinity City allows you to create any super-powered character you can imagine. Save citizens on trains, fight for what’s right, for it might make right.

Download the Tales from Trinity City: Marvels of the City Source Book

At a Glance – 

TITLE: Tales from Trinity City


GENRE: Dark Sci-Fi Tabletop Role Playing Game

PUBLICATION DATE: By Summer/Fall 2024

PUBLISHER: Amazing Gaming Productions

COMP TITLES: Heroes meets Independence Day and Blade Runner.


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