Webtastic Stories Forward

Do you remember Oct-Nov 2019, and all the blue check marks on Twitter said the Joker movie would inspire dozens of mass shootings because it is about white male rage?1

Pepperidge Farm remembers!

To understand why people bought that particular piece of Internet gossip, I will interview Grog, the Fisherfolk. He lived three thousand years ago.

Me – Hello Grog.

Grog – Hello peepil!

M – Tell me about losing your family.

G – I hab bad fight with battle axe. She kicks me out of the house.

M – What happened next?

G – I tuk off, gob on me boat and went out in big lake.

M – the Ocean.

G – Yeb, yeb, Osean!

M – What happened next?

G – The fire god angry wit me. The volcano go boom. It destroy town.

M – So you say the angry fire god destroyed your family by making the volcano go boom?

G – Yeb, yeb. Angry fire god hate me. I hate him.

M – There is no angry fire god, but the volcano erupted and killed your family.

G – U no hate angry fire god. Me hate you. Only if you hate angry fire god can U be my friend.

Grog takes his club and raises it to strike me down.











Whew, Grog brought a club to an AR-15 fight!

Notice the pattern. When something is frightening, like change is, some people give it a personification. Then the person blames that personification for what happened.  The personification can be an angry fire god, white supremacy, the patriarchy, the new world order – but it is essentially the same. 

If you disagree with them, they get angry and strike out at you. They become very defensive because their worldview is obviously true – so you must be living a lie. Many will attack you, block you or hide from you. 

In the Joker movie example, people listen to gossip about Incels2. The virgins are out to get you, didn’t you know?!

The people who blame the Incels, their angry fire god, for bad behaviour online use a couple of examples of attacks the Incel community has perpetuated.

The Incels themselves buy into the gossip that their angry fire god, Chads and Stacys3, will always keep them down, inspiring those acts of violence. I don’t have to say not all Incels, but many are aggravated about society and want to make it great again. 

Their opponents will twist the behaviour online and the attacks by Elliot Roger and Alek Minassin to say they are capable of anything. Despite the fact, Incels probably number in the hundreds of thousands and those are the only two attacks they have participated in over a decade. Both sides are overzealous!

The Incels and those who hate the Incels are two halves of the same coin. I realized the opponents and proponents of Incel culture want it to stay the same. As long as Incels misbehave, the people who criticize them will have receipts they can post on the Internet to shame them. This shaming will push Incels to their limits, making them act out angrily. And the people who “support” Incels will exploit their anger and insecurities for “Fame, Clout, and Money!” The people who take receipts of the Incels to show “White Male Rage” also do it for “Fame, Clout, and Money!”

Therefore, the exploiters never want a solution. This is why I call them the Profits. They are people who pose to tell people the truth and use a place of “authority” to ask for support through a variety of monetization methods. They only want to aggravate the other side to misbehave, so they can both make the dosh! 

Every Profit4 on YouTube had something to say about the Joker movie, and people were watching those videos millions, even billions of times. Every Profit was raking in “megabucks”. And how many of those billions of views were from someone who listened and acted upon – “Support me on Patreon, PayPal, Ko-fi, BitCoin” or whatever monetization service the influencer uses.

And in the end, all the people worried about the mass shootings and the Incel rebellion were wrong. Nobody went to the Joker movie to kill anyone. My hypothesis is the FBI understands how devastating online gossip has become. They have to keep an eye out on any stupid Internet rumour because there are some imbeciles online.

You may say “Doesn’t the Joker movie situation show that gossip is harmless?” But gossip can kill. Believing in whatever angry fire god different groups tell you about can lead to disastrous results. People have committed suicide for political views, and people have given up dreams because they were afraid of angry mobs of people who disagreed with them, and people fight online instead of doing something worthwhile. And it can be for even stupider things, like what kind of phone you use. Remember the old iPhone vs Android BS?

Not only do we have people on Youtube who will put the hated phone in a blender, but they also microwave them, smash them with hammers, run the phones over, and so many other acts of destruction. Some of the activities could damage the appliance and cause physical harm to the person recording the video. And they do that over a stupid phone. 

In 2014 I witnessed the hatred one couple had for Apple. They worked at a call centre on the contract for iOS devices. Yes, the couple who hated Apple represented them on the phone. And no, they were not professional about it. They complained about the company while helping Apple’s customers. Whether you like Apple or not, that couple did their best to show their hatred of Apple on the phone while being paid by Apple – making them hypocrites for money!

These fights become even more dangerous to society and people. I am a true believer that gossip only does two things – it kills and destroys. Look at the Kyle Rittenhouse incident. Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum and Gaige Grosskreutz listened to their social media feeds, saying conservatives and cops were part of white supremacy. 

After a cop shot Jacob Blake, BLM cried out for justice. Huber, Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz answered their call. They knew they had to do something against racism, the KKK, and MAGAtards, their angry fire god because cops are race soldiers out to kill every black person they saw. At least, I’ve seen infographics saying cops are race soldiers who only kill black people that people share on Twitter. 

Rittenhouse decided to protect Kenosha because he grew up in the city, though he lived fifteen minutes away, in another state. He saw the town he worked in on fire because people bought the online gossip of BLM. He couldn’t let them destroy the city he had fond memories of, so he did what he believed was best, based on the social media feeds from people in the city.

The four collided by happenstance. The four were motivated by the anger from the years of fighting online because Facebook (and other social media platforms) make more money with inflammatory posts. They wanted to prove which angry fire god was the strongest. Huber, Rosenbaum, and Grosskreutz attacked first, and Rittenhouse shot and killed two and injured the third. 

People may regret listening and acting on Internet gossip, and some may even end up dead.

After Rittenhouse was arrested, all hell broke loose. Lin Wood, another Profit, exploited the situation because the current president of the United States called Kyle a white supremacist. And while Rittenhouse has used these events to do some good, like starting a foundation that will keep the media accountable for jumping the gun and pushing social media narratives; everyone knows Rittenhouse probably has moments where he regrets showing up to Kenosha.

Not only can gossip kill two people in a protest or riot, but it is also destroying lives all across the globe. Covid is the most comprehensive example of why social media gossip is endangering lives, and again, there are two sides to this debate. And both are very wrong!

Over 70% of Democrats5, left-leaning people, think Covid is way worse than it is. Around 70% think 20% or more of Covid cases go to the hospital. The national average is about 1-5% in the US and Canada. Their fear of dying from Covid leads to impossible to prove scenarios. 

Everyone must be vaccinated, and you have no choice. Everyone must wear a mask permanently, whether you consent or not. No travel, and lock everyone down. When Candice Bergen, the intern-leader of the Conservative Party of Canada asked Justin Trudeau what Canada’s existing strategy for Covid was, Justin just played coy6. “Leftists” on Twitter call the unvaccinated misogynists (also small penis incels), racists, white supremacists and all the buzz words – like the feeds tell them because they are TwitterBrains7. The “Left” practically demands a 100% vaccination rate, or they would never accept any kind of “freedom”. Even with a 90% full vaccination rate in Ontario, and 3 per cent partially vaccinated, they still hate the unvaccinated with a passion.

And the “Left” loves blaming their angry fire god, former President Trump. He destroyed America with Covid. Even though Trump worked hard to ensure the vaccine was out before testing by the end of 2020, to help allay fears of the virus.

On the other side of the coin, the “Right” believes that Covid is a test the government concocted to see what people will put up with because Alex Jones says so. The Covid vaccine is sure to kill your immune system, putting you at further risk. They will never remove restrictions. You must fight to gain your freedom – or you are ignorant, or something, because history shows this. The New World Order, their angry fire god, uses Covid and the vaccine to kill everyone except five hundred million people to enact the Great Reset for world domination.

Just one question comes to mind. The people who don’t take the vaccine will be the most abundant of the “survivors”, and they won’t obey the NWO!

I guess the NWO is never coming to Ontario, Vaccine Passports are phased out as of March 1st, 2022, and on March 21st, mask mandates were lifted in Ontario for most places – with full removal of all restrictions going on until April 27th.

Oh, and if you don’t know why I put five hundred million – that’s based upon rumours about the Georgia Guidestones8. Again, something Alex Jones talks about for people to “think” about.

This gossip puts people at risk all over the place. Those who want to be angry at Trump and do whatever it takes to avoid Covid will find themselves increasingly isolated from the rest of society when we move past the pandemic. This could have a huge impact on their lives, including the possibility of developing auto-immune disorders. If someone never leaves their home because they work from home, and orders groceries from Amazon, disinfects the boxes and items when they arrive and uses hand sanitiser after they touch anything delivered to them, they could hyper activate their immune system and it starts attacking their body. Auto-Immune disorders, the last time I checked, were far more devastating than Covid. And despite these risks, many people oppose any kind of lifting of restrictions in any region. They are still deathly afraid of Covid, even though the virus is weaker now than in 2020, because of our vaccination levels and the virus mutating.

At the same time, those who won’t take the “Covid Death Serum” are endangering themselves. The vaccine helps. With 93% of Ontario partially or fully vaccinated only 7% are unvaccinated. This 7% represents 16% of the cases,  25% of hospitalizations are unvaccinated, and over 40% of the people in the ICU. In all of Canada, almost 70% of the Covid deaths are unvaccinated people, may they rest in peace.  

On the day I’m writing this, in Canada, of four thousand new cases, thirty-one died. That’s hardly like Russia, with around seven hundred deaths per day and one-hundred and ninety thousand new cases with only 50% vaccination. Canada has about 25% of Russia’s population, so the deaths and cases per day are dramatically contrasted.

Ultimately, complaining about things is what I am fighting against, which is what this reads like. I want to offer a solution. I came upon a thought that changed how I saw the cycle by researching writing topics. God revealed something life-changing to me through His grace. I once was lost, but now I am found, I was blind, but now I see. Like Grog became angry because I didn’t listen to his nonsense, trying to pressure me to do what he wanted, that’s what the exploiters do. They want to pressure you to agree with them. They want you to hate the person they hate. If you disagree, they say you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. They treat people like they are puppets, exploiting them for “Fame, Clout, and Money!”

Whether you call them Grifters, Con Artists, or “The Profits”, they’re not looking out for you.

But if you decide not to listen to the gossip anymore, you can build your own life. 

Let me say this plainly, You cannot create your own life if you follow other people’s agenda!

In the Kyle Rittenhouse encounter, two people lost their lives because they followed gossip on the Internet, listening to their “crowd”. Rittenhouse’s life is changed forever because he protected a city that was important to him, from the threat of stupid Internet gossip. The couple who hated Apple, who did their best to damage Apple on the phones, only followed the advice on Android forums about how shitty Apple was.

The solution is simple, create your plan and agenda, and never listen to people who would tell you what’s important. Go out and decide what is meaningful to you. There is always some gossiper who wants you to listen to them so they can suck you into their world. And the gossiper always does it because they hate their target. Once they suck you into their world, you will forget your goals and focus on hating the person the gossiper tells you to hate.

These gossipers learned the angriest, most inflammatory and most offensive posts get more attention. Facebook Whistleblowers have come forward, showing the platform chooses profit over users’ mental health by promoting the most hate-filled posts. The gossipers realized they can gain all the “Fame, Clout, and Money!” if they anger people with the latest controversy on social media.

Learning to ignore The Algorithm9 and the angry gossip is a life skill for everyone. We need to be self-aware enough to tell the difference between “the Algorithm” and outrage and real life. When we unlearn what we have learned from The Algorithm, we will have better mental health and more control over our lives.

That is why I have written Webtastic Stories.

Welcome to a new world!

Glossary of Terms –

1- Joker is about White Male Rage – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT0h0tXXBzc

Joke Films opens in US amid security concerns – 





2 – Incels – a common insult on the Internet. It is short form for Involuntarily Celibate. I.E. they are still virgins and something is wrong with them.

3- Chads and Stacys – Chads are “Alpha” Males who get all the girls. Stacy’s are “Alpha” Females whom every man is attracted to. These Chads and Stacys largely ignore the Incels, making them angry about their perceived fate.

4 – Profits – a person who exploits social media anger and paranoia for personal profit, while assuming a mantle of “authority” over whatever they are “fighting” against.

5 – Covid’s Partisan Errors – https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/18/briefing/atlanta-shootings-kamala-harris-tax-deadline-2021.html

6 – Candice Bergen – When is the government going to lift these restrictions (CTV news) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi6qdRN6SGg

7 – TwitterBrain – Someone who creates their worldview and beliefs on what they see on their social media feeds, either partially or fully.

8 – Georgia Guidestones – a group of stones erected in Georgia by an anonymous person with controversial ideas for change, often something conspiracy theorist Profits point to  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

9 – The Algorithm – a set of instructions created by social media platforms to maximize user engagement with more inflammatory posts.

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