Amazing Gaming Productions Art Portfolio

I’ve been a 3d artist since 2008 when I went to college. I was interested in video game design, so I went took the animation program at the local college. I enjoyed it, I loved how you could use visuals to tell any story.

I continued to use the the skills using Blender. Everything from recreating my favourite assignment – the solar system, to creating a variety of still life scenes for advertising and marketing.

AGP Logo and Animation

This is based off the Solar System project I mentioned before, but the Earth is in place while it rotates, so I didn’t animate anything other than the text appearing and the world rotating.

Tales from Trinity City

You can check all the materials I have for Tales from Trinity City –

Main Page | Concept Art | Road Map

The Art Den

I created this logo and Icon for a friend on social media, taking his group and providing some excellent marketing materials for it.

Creatives of Minds

While I was thinking about starting to create a group for creatives, I created this scene to create a logo and Icon for the group. I eventually decided not to pursue the group because I didn’t have the time to focus on it properly.

Webtastic Stories

I like making marketing materials for all my work, and this is the scene I created for Webtastic Stories. I want people to feel the Internet is Hell, a self imposed prison of expectations if you are not privy to algorithmic manipulation.

Video Channel

Coming soon – I’m going to do a review of Mass Effect – all the story continuity errors, why I think BioWare failed with improving the game, and 6 comedic play throughs – Chuck Shepard, Geralt Shepard, Arthur Shepard, Aloy Shepard, Alita Shepard, and Ciri Shepard!

Future Projects

The Solar System animation – including a spaceship.

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