The Cataclysm of Social Media

Last night, I had a late night. Part of it was my Fiancée’s health. She had a massive headache. It happens because her family has migraines. The other part was social media conflicts going through my head. I have been thinking about this lately. It is almost an obsession. Social Media is a danger to … Continue reading The Cataclysm of Social Media

New Year, New Beginnings

Hello, I am Mark, the author of Webtastic Stories: Fear and Loathing on the Internet. Welcome to Amazing Gaming Productions. Today’s blog is my challenge, take a week off of Social Media. A few weeks ago, I published a blog on why I stopped taking social media seriously. This Curious Culture War gained some success. … Continue reading New Year, New Beginnings

Webtastic Stories Forward

Do you remember Oct-Nov 2019, and all the blue check marks on Twitter said the Joker movie would inspire dozens of mass shootings because it is about white male rage?1 Pepperidge Farm remembers! To understand why people bought that particular piece of Internet gossip, I will interview Grog, the Fisherfolk. He lived three thousand years … Continue reading Webtastic Stories Forward

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Story, a Webtastic Story

Once upon a time, there were four idiots. Their names were Kyle Rittenhouse, Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum, Gaige Grosskreutz. They listened to all the gossip they could hear on social media. Huber, Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz believed they were fighting against people that were destroying Murica, the Republicans, right wingers and cops. They needed to be … Continue reading Kyle Rittenhouse’s Story, a Webtastic Story