Life Hack 8 – Lifelong Learning

To live is to learn. Hi, I am Mark, and this is Amazing Gaming Productions. Today’s life hack blog is on lifelong learning. Once you understand what you are afraid of, you can overcome many things by learning new things. If you have questions like, how do I polish my story - how many times … Continue reading Life Hack 8 – Lifelong Learning

Life Hack 5 – Don’t Get Distracted!

Be careful about what you think about because your thoughts run your life. Hello, my name is Mark, and this is another time management blog. Today’s lesson is limiting distractions. When you think of distractions, maybe you are thinking, do not enjoy things like Netflix and Chill or play video games and other relaxing activities. … Continue reading Life Hack 5 – Don’t Get Distracted!

Life Hack 3 – Prayer, Meditation and Self-Reflection

An unexamined life is one not worth living.— Socrates Hi, I am Mark from Amazing Gaming Productions and welcome to my time management blogs. Today. We are going to talk about prayer, meditation and self-reflection! Living a fulfilling life is not as easy as you may think. If you think, "great, I have two steps … Continue reading Life Hack 3 – Prayer, Meditation and Self-Reflection