Webtastic Stories Release

A journey of 1,000 miles begins and ends with a single step. After almost 20 months of writing, editing, cover design, learning self-publishing and countless other tasks, Webtastic Stories: Fear and Loathing on the Internet is out! You can purchase it from the following sources : Amazon iBooks I hope you enjoy the hard work … Continue reading Webtastic Stories Release

Let’s Review Horizon: Forbidden West

It’s time to rise above our ruin! Hi, I’m Mark from Amazing Gaming Productions. Today I review Horizon: Forbidden West. The Horizon Series is fast becoming one of my favourite computer game series - the storytelling is excellent and consistent throughout the games. I know it gets flack from all kinds of places, including would … Continue reading Let’s Review Horizon: Forbidden West

A Webtastic Story, Internet Drama and New Conservatism

Every week there is some new controversy in the world and communities. And 95% of these controversies can be summed up in the old “Culture War” con that TwitterBrains parrot all the time. “Their side is destroying everything we hold dear, and we have to stop them!” What a shit deal, no thanks, I can … Continue reading A Webtastic Story, Internet Drama and New Conservatism

Webtastic Stories – The Truckers, the Clown, and the Leader

Joe the Trucker was racing down the highway. All his Twitter feeds told him to be at the ambassador bridge. He was going to fight the New World Order. He would never take the vaccine because it is poison. They want to kill humanity, and he can be a hero. The only thing he needs … Continue reading Webtastic Stories – The Truckers, the Clown, and the Leader

Webtastic Stories Forward

Do you remember Oct-Nov 2019, and all the blue check marks on Twitter said the Joker movie would inspire dozens of mass shootings because it is about white male rage?1 Pepperidge Farm remembers! To understand why people bought that particular piece of Internet gossip, I will interview Grog, the Fisherfolk. He lived three thousand years … Continue reading Webtastic Stories Forward

Webtastic Stories – Prime Minister JT

Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you know about the Truckers for Freedom rally in Ottawa. I applaud them for their courage to come together and voice their grievances about mandates. On January 15th, Justin Trudeau implemented something problematic. Truckers will have to prove they are vaccinated to make deliveries across the border. When 90%+ … Continue reading Webtastic Stories – Prime Minister JT

Weird Tribalism – a Webtastic Story

One of the things that makes me laugh about the Internet is how bizarre tribalism is and how reality-denying it becomes. I expect if people got off social media, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves! Case in point, a righteous anti-racist verbally assaulted one of the writers I follow on Twitter for a … Continue reading Weird Tribalism – a Webtastic Story

Internet Communism – a Webtastic Story

When I first studied Communism, one of the things that amused me was the final stage of Communism, “Seizing the means of production”. It amused me, because it would lead to people trading with others, and hence to make capitalism fair, you have to dismantle it to make it again. You see, I want to … Continue reading Internet Communism – a Webtastic Story