The Cataclysm of Social Media

Last night, I had a late night. Part of it was my Fiancée’s health. She had a massive headache. It happens because her family has migraines.

The other part was social media conflicts going through my head. I have been thinking about this lately. It is almost an obsession. Social Media is a danger to humanity. It is perhaps one of the worst threats to humanity. After a decade, I only see negatives for social media, and you need a magnifying glass to find anything remotely positive. People will kill and attack others because social media posts say they are the enemy. People have also died because someone saw them as a threat. People commit suicide because social media posts kill their hopes. Police arrest people because they go overboard because of social media posts. And many more people will be fired because of their social media posts.

The ‘Culture War’ is amazing!

But who benefits from this?

Some people reading this will probably say – politicians, businesses, and Influencers on the Internet. The more controversy you can push, the more money you can make and the more power you can achieve. It is all about “fame, clout, and money!”

But I do not think people truly understand the primary beneficiaries of the ‘Culture War’. Because if you realized who truly benefits, you would also see it will never disappear. The people who benefit from the ‘Culture War’ the most are social media companies.

Why would they benefit from the ‘Culture War’?

That is an easy question to answer. Everyone hears this stat – 10% of Twitter Users produce 80% of the tweets. I will break this down based on what happened on January 6th. Of the 78 million Trump voters, only 600k people showed up to protest Biden being declared the winner. If you divide those numbers, less than 1% cared.

So, about 1-2% of Twitter is very political. Because if almost 1% is MAGA, it will balance it out to about 1% anti-MAGA/woke. So between 1-2%. How much of a share of 80% of the tweets will they have? I am going to say about half. So 1-2% of Twitter Users produced about 25-35% of the Tweets. That is 25-35% of Twitter’s ad revenue. Let us say other social media companies ad revenue will be similar.

If you go around the table, how much ad revenue does the ‘Culture War’ bring to Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube?

Billions of dollars!

And there is not a goddamn thing I can do about it. So it worries me. Social media companies are creating a ‘Culture War’ to make money at the expense of others. Sure, there are differences between the left and the right, but until social media came around, they worked around that. I read a good blog post from Andrew Yang. These were upward thinkers, not brawlers, that cooperate to achieve great results.

Social media companies artificially push conflict through their algorithms and selective rule enforcement. All you need to do is cancel a prominent member of a movement, and all of a sudden, they will be on Twitter shouting from the rooftops, getting people mobilized. All while that happens, the social media company makes money.

Then people fight them, and the social media company makes more money.

Then they reverse their ‘accident’, and the fights and lamentations echo through cyberspace. And you guessed the social media companies make money.

Quite the con!

They only need to keep their algorithm operating because it will continue to find new controversy for you. After all, social media companies have profiled them. The algorithm takes data from every interaction you and others do with the system and suggests similar accounts and posts for you to interact with. A computer knows you better than your mother!

The more social media companies can anger you with the upcoming controversy, the more money they will make. You will be there, gladly, because their computers showed you what new outrageous thing just happened. All because it knows what you and millions of other people have done, and probably will do.

You will always waste your time on it. You will always be chasing after the wind. You will always be stressed out. You will possibly risk your life, the lives of others, your clear criminal record and even your employment. All because stupid computer algorithms will keep you informed of every controversy.

I will not engage in it anymore. I am putting my money where my mouth is. I refuse to fight people because a computer keeps dividing us so social media companies can rake in the ad revenue on the fighting.

I am going to IGNORE the ‘Culture War’ on social media. The more you get involved, the more social media companies make at your expense. They earn money from my engagement and will always promote insane crap like Half-Elf and Half-Orc characters are inherently racist.

Yay me.

I do not need to hear about that crap anymore!

Who would?!

You can stick with ‘Culture War’, but I am calling you to action. I believe that social media companies have duped us with their algorithms, and they will continue to do so. Break free from the holds of social media manipulation, and do not be a pawn of social media companies.

It is the best way to avoid all the conflicts and bullshit.


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