My Covid Experience, a Webtastic Story

Two Sundays ago, I woke up extremely tired. My throat was scratchy, so I thought, do I have Covid?

I got out of bed to get my pup his heart medication, but first, I got out a Covid rapid test. In moments, I saw the double red line. Yay me!

The following week was one hell of an experience!

First, let me say why I am calling this a Webtastic story. In my book, Webtastic Stories, Fear and Loathing on the Internet, my main argument is you can not know if someone is talking out of their ass or lying, so it is better to ignore politics on social media. If you think Pfizer is conducting genetic experiments on Covid to continue to make the vaccine viable because Project Veritas interviewed a “Pfizer employee”, then you’re probably being manipulated.

I’m sure Project Veritas doesn’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars from crowdfunding campaigns and other means.

With that, there are many things I wanted to say about my experience, so people can have an honest and objective view of what Covid is like for me. I want to cut through the rhetoric.

First, it is a cold or flu. But it is one of the worst cases of flu I had. It was like two horses and a frog fighting in my throat. It was the worst case of strep throat I ever had. It was so painful the moment I swallowed it felt like a dozen daggers going through my throat. On Monday, the pain was a 10 out of 10. The next day, the pain was only an 8 or 9 out of 10. On Wednesday, the pain was tolerable – a 5 or 6. Thursday, it was a 3 or 4. Friday, a 2 or 3. Saturday, just a nagging pressure. Sunday, it was finally over, and I tested negative.

With everything that happened, I can see why someone who may be out of shape and older could pass from this. And in my eyes, that is a great reason to get vaccinated. I wonder how worse my symptoms may have been. I know how contentious this sounds for those who take social media too seriously, listening to everything they can politically.

But I can also say it wasn’t a death sentence either!

On the other side, my Aunt, who takes Covid way too seriously, won’t allow me to visit my brother right now. Covid has corrupted me, so I am a danger to her and my brother. I know many people who take it too seriously take this stance. They seek to avoid it as much as possible, even though my fiancée and I have tested negative. We don’t have the virus to pass it to others anymore. It’s been three weeks since I last visited my brother.

Covid was part of the foreword for my book because many people make it a vital part of the culture war. The hypocrisy of their opponents, who give women bodily autonomy for cases of rape and abortion but will not give the same rights to those who do not want to take a vaccine, is maddening to them. Not that both sides do not accuse the other of hypocrisy in all things all the time.

I find the only way to avoid this is to filter out certain words and sometimes accounts. Blocks and Mutes are your best friend on Twitter if you want to avoid the constant fighting on Twitter. In my experience, it is not worth wasting your life over.

I hope you will take time to think things out and ask yourself – am I being manipulated by someone posting inflammatory content? How should I deal with this? Does this even matter to me?

Most of the culture war will disappear when people stop engaging in it.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day, guys!


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