Life Hack 7 – Killing your Concerns

Be strong and of good courage.

Wise words for everyone, but many of us never live up to them, filled with doubts, fears, and concerns.

Today, I will show you how I deal with the things that press against my mind most.

Tim Ferris is a world-renowned life coach. It’s because he tells people how it is.

Life is hard, and there are things we’re scared of doing. Risks we don’t take because all we can hear is fear.

He created a system that helps him and others overcome those fears and move forward with life. He calls it fear setting, and I’m sharing the technique to help you overcome your fears.

Learning how to fear set can turn you from a nervous wreck to a confident person who can overcome their personal fears!

What is Fear Setting

Did you know the US government has a file about any possible Zombie Apocalypse? Well, now you do.

How many movies start with people starting with worst-case scenarios, governments scrambling to deal with an alien invasion or the environmental end of the world.

Sure, they have to plan for things that most of us would find intimidating, but why not turn your fears into worst-case scenario plans?

If you want to know how to prevent snakes from getting into your toilet, go to

How to Fear Set

Once you define a goal, ask yourself all the possible things that would stop you from achieving your goal.

Once you define all the things you’d be worried about – it’s a simple matter – make plans on how you would overcome that fear. Step one, make plans to minimize the risk of failure. Step two, decide what you can do if the worst does happen.

After that, ask yourself what your life would be like in three months, six months and three years if you do not take your risk. Describe the state of your life and how you will feel if you are still where you are currently.

We all know the reality – there are so many unexpected and also foreseeable obstacles. Take time to plan ways to minimize those concerns.

Practical Use

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So, there’s my big plan.

Almost all creative blocks revolve around fear.

Whether it is imposter syndrome telling you don’t measure up, fear of the response from others, or worry that nobody will notice your work, coming up with a plan will help.

So fear setting can be another way to set goals.

Yes, you can create goals around your fears. You are not powerless. Gina Carano is correct, if you prepare, there’s nothing that can stop you.

If you’re not confident in your grammar, plan on hiring an editor. If you’re not a great artist, plan on hiring an artist to create a book cover. If you are worried about the story, plan on beta readers and critique partners.

Fear setting has limitless practical and personal ways to deal with these issues if you have concerns.

Turn your fears into goals, and plan around those fears.

Creatives are especially susceptible to letting our fears get to us, but we can also see ways to resolve those fears.

That is why the fear setting is a valuable tool to deal with all the negatives you may encounter.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

If you have comments or questions, feel free to use the comment section below.

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Have a great day, guys!

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