Life Hack 6 – 5s your room and life

Time to sort out the crap from extraordinary lives.

Hello, I’m Mark from Amazing Gaming Productions.

In this blog, I’ll show you what it takes how to clean your room, your life, and your professional work.

Jordan B. Peterson and the Japanese agree that a clean room leads to a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life.

As a creative person, it becomes easy to forsake real-world stuff, like cleaning your room, but the philosophy of 5S goes from cleaning your home and environment to creating the best books ever.

It all comes down to the 5S philosophy of life –

  1. Sorting
  2. Set in Order
  3. Shine
  4. Standardize
  5. Sustain


In life and our creative works, sorting is vital. If junk fills your room and your manuscript is a jumbled mess of inconsistency, the only thing that will be consistent is how much people think your manuscript sucks – and they will never visit you, either.

Sorting is about getting rid of anything that does not help your life. Are there things you never use that could be stored, thrown out or given away?

Be just ruthless with tangents that do not add to your story. Kill your darlings – get rid of them because they weaken your tale!

Anything in your life or in your creative works that needs to be removed, do it, kill those darlings!

Set in Order

I am the ultimate Plotter. I learned all about setting goals in my teens/the early 20s. I have not seen any reason why I should not set goals either.

If you do not plan out every major project, you are planning on failing. It does not matter if you are cleaning your room or writing a novel, planning a game level, or storyboarding a comic – these are complex things that require a detailed plan.

If you do not have that plan, you will utterly fail.

Take it from the Homer meme because you can’t build a house without someone designing it first.

There are some projects that do need a detail plan. Imagine the 100s of decisions you are going to make for a comic, a novel, a game?

Everything should be in place and in its due time.

Every novel should have dozens of character interviews, plotting out every part of the storyline and what you need to do with each edit.

Having a clean room for your creative work ensures you can get your work down without distractions or time sinks. Look at all the junk in your life and set your life in the order you want it to be.

Having an orderly creative room will mean you can find the things you need quickly, instead of spending too much time with too much junk.


Making everything shine is the area most people skimp in their process. Most people want to do the absolute minimum to get by. And you can tell too. You can tell when someone puts dozens of edits to make their manuscript shine or keep their home clean.

Whether you scrub your counters every night or do a deep clean of the Kitchen on Friday Nights, you do it.

Beyond planning, its up to you to make your room, your projects and life to be as shiny and clean as the big guy!

It’s just as important as doing your developmental revisions, paragraph and copy edits and line-by-line proofreading before you take your manuscript into Grammarly for its recommendations.

After, you will hire an editor to take your manuscript to the next level.

The Shine step is what separates Men from the Boys.


Once you have your process of keeping your room, life, and work figured out, keep that level.

Sure, you may learn to try some new things in your creative journey, but never forget the basics, and keep the level of shine to the highest level you can achieve.

The higher the standard you set for yourself, the greater the example you can be for the people around you – which will only elevate your life and those around you.


Once you set the standard of personal and professional excellence, it’s time to sustain your level of effort.

Do not stop. Sustain the processes that work for you. The more you do, the easier it becomes to maintain and improve over time.

Slacking off can only work to harm you in the long run, so keep sustaining. However, when major life events or eventual tiredness hits, take time out to prevent burnout. It took almost three weeks while my mom passed away in hospital, do not overdo it when you need time.

I work very hard for three months straight, and then I reduce my workload for a month, like in College.

The more you set the bar high for yourself, the better your life will become.

It takes time, effort and a new mindset to help you get there. It takes three weeks to develop new habits, and it takes little steps forward first. You can not 5S your life until you dedicate yourself to being strong enough to live a difficult life, take care of yourself, reflect on your life, create good routines, and avoid distractions. If you do not dedicate yourself to these ideas first, you will never have time to 5S your life because you will be too distracted and messed up.

It starts with accepting a tough life, because they are the most meaningful.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

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Have a great day, guys!

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