Life Hack 5 – Don’t Get Distracted!

Be careful about what you think about because your thoughts run your life.

Hello, my name is Mark, and this is another time management blog.

Today’s lesson is limiting distractions.

When you think of distractions, maybe you are thinking, do not enjoy things like Netflix and Chill or play video games and other relaxing activities.

I have a different perspective on this. If you are so tired – you can not lift your pen to draw, write or create – play some games, read some books, or enjoy some comics – it refills the creativity banks.

When I talk about distractions, I am talking about letting conflicts get to you so much that it invades your mind more than your creativity.

As a highly-sensitive person, emotional conflicts are painful for me. Trust me, the past couple of weeks were a roller coaster – watching my mom die a little bit every day until she passed, was difficult beyond words. Internet conflicts aren’t very different, things can go haywire for me. I learned that lesson last year. But I learned some valuable lessons from that conflict that I want to share with you today.

My brain is so different, I’ve struggled with all of these all my life. Especially emotional reactivity and empathy, when you can tell someone hates you.

Trolls and Internet critics are plentiful on social media, and you need to learn how to deal with these buggers.

I did the brave thing because I read the Art of the Deal. One of the things the former US president said was that he did not like critics.

Critics, in his estimation, are losers who love hearing the sound of their voices.

They would rather criticize people for taking a risk than take any risk themselves.

The best thing to do is realize Internet Critics are losers and assholes with a inflated sense of self!

We know them – the people who say, I hate the traditions of different hobbies, replace the older people with new voices – change everything we love about our games, comics and books because it is problematic.

One of my writer friends has a group of “critics” who say her novels are “Nazi Blood Magic” so people should not read the His Name is Augustin series. It’s a great series, you’ll love it.

These destroyers of joy want to ruin everyone’s fun with ideological reviews to push their narratives. So it is vital to know they exist. They will find your work. They will tell you how offensive it is. It is up to you to determine how far to go with them. Usually, I do not give them any quarter.

You can not create your life if you follow their agenda.

Not that the Get Woke, Go Broke people do not have similar agendas. Their demands are a little different, like do not put gay characters in your work. They say having any LGBT representation is pandering to the wrong audience. Having strong women is rejecting strong men.

Focus on what you want to do because it will allow you to see where you are going, so you ignore the world around you.

Then you have the general trolls.

You know, the losers who live a life to add pain and misery to everyone because it makes them happy. You know, sociopaths who grieve people.

I met one recently, an idiot I call the Turdinator. He and his buddies had contests on who could trigger the most “lefttards” for the longest before the person blocked them. Yes, losers like that exist on the Internet. So when you argue with someone, ask yourself if you are arguing with someone who wants to yank your chain for shits and giggles.

Blocking them and ignoring what they say is the best thing to do in the world.

Remember Trolls are an egotistical idiot who is doing it “for the kicks”, don’t get offended, that’s what they want. Just ignore them!

We all have imposter syndrome. You can not escape it. No matter how many good reviews we get, we ultimately think we are frauds.

Bad reviews and antagonizing trolls can get to us – we can experience real doubt.

We can especially get in this over analyzation cycle.

Especially creatives. We are already different – we can imagine entirely different worlds. That also applies to this world because we can turn this world into a grim fairytale that could take us weeks, months, or even years before we get ourselves out of that mind maze. I saw a writer who legitimately thought the Chinese use “underground submarine tunnels” under North America!

Can you imagine believing that, and the late nights worrying about things that are unreal and the results – little sleep, erratic eating, nervousness and many more hindrances?

Do not let the trolls do that to you.

How do I deal with them? My advice is journaling and prayer.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help you uproot your imposter syndrome.

When you read some negative comment or review, do the A/B/C/D/E.

First, look at the “Activating” event, what was said and how it made you feel.

Talk about the “Consequences” of acting out irrationally. Get right into it – will you lose followers on social media, or will you lose your job, or any other consequence.

Talk about the limiting “Beliefs” attached. Talk about your imposter syndrome – I know you have it, just like me. I always feel like an imposter – I am the “perfect” perfectionist.

“Dispute” the limiting beliefs with real-world evidence. Look at kind reviews, sales figures, anything that helps you realize the truth trolls and critics do not matter.

Create more “Effective” beliefs. Focus on overcoming adversity and creating your life.

Instead of wasting your time on BS trolls and critics put you through, take time to journal your thoughts and ideas – I’ll go through this more in a later blog.

Journaling will help you get your head back into the game, not the game the internet critics and trolls want you to play. Their game sucks and is not worth playing.

Do not let the negative things in the world occupy your thoughts because they will define your world.

Instead, fight them doing the ABCDEs, and then you can continue to move on without negative distractions.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

If you have any questions or comments, use the comment section below.

And share this with other people on social media.

Have a great day, guys!

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