Life Hack 3 – Prayer, Meditation and Self-Reflection

An unexamined life is one not worth living.

— Socrates

Hi, I am Mark from Amazing Gaming Productions and welcome to my time management blogs.

Today. We are going to talk about prayer, meditation and self-reflection!

Living a fulfilling life is not as easy as you may think. If you think, “great, I have two steps to make a great life”. Step 1 – live a difficult life (that should give you a clue that it is not easy – the way to life is straight and narrow) and step 2 – take care of yourself. You can not do this until you have some clarity in your life.

You have to examine the great times, the bad times, the valleys and mountain tops, and then you can have a sense of where your life has been, what has kept you back, and how to use your problems as stepping stones.

Trust me, since I started to work on game development and writing, these mountain tops and valley’s are a common occurrence. Just keep working!

And unlike many anti-theists, prayer and meditation have profound impacts on these activities. They would say, “prayer takes away from problem-solving”, but in reality, it is the best way to solve your problems because you will see different answers than you did prior. Prayer is the ultimate form of problem-solving!

According to some peer-reviewed studies, praying activates the nerve centres responsible for self-soothing and self-reflection. Your brain will start to see what has gone wrong in your life while being kind to you at the same time. You will be calm enough to change your behaviour and life…

Praying is not as “useless’ as some edge lords would suggest. If you can safely evaluate your behaviour and be kind to yourself while doing it, why not?

And it helps us also problem solve. In one case study, people found that prayer helped them process personal and emotional problems better than the “good old” atheist – solve the issue approach. Not only did they see the solutions to their problems, but they also understood why they created the issue in the first place.

Oh my, maybe agonistics may want to start to think about prayer as a problem-solving tool instead of just mocking people who do!

While I read the 12 rules for life, Jordan B Peterson talked about a lighted pen, a magic pen, and a tool to find what the universe wanted him to realize.

What an enlightening idea!

So he started to ask the pen questions, and he wrote down what came to his mind. He allowed his self-soothing and reflective parts of his brain to give him answers to questions that bothered him.

I was inspired. There are 100s of daily journals on the market. I downloaded one, and I created a template with five questions that I answer daily on how I feel, what happened, what I accomplished and my goals for the next day.

First, I look at my mental health score from my FitBit – to get an overall idea of how that day was, compared to others.

Then I start praying as I write each answer, to seek God’s will and how well I lived that day.

With those answers, I can see my patterns. I can see what holds me back and make better decisions. I can see how far I have come and created a much better life.

Prayer and meditation are more powerful self-reflection tools. Some people may mock them, but they can help you reflect on your life.

Five minutes of prayer for each problem can help you through life; instead of intellectually browbeating each concern you have. Remember, it is one of the ways to “Sharpen” your axe.

Finding the space to call on prayer can turn your world and life around.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Feel free to share it with your friends and any creative.

And if you have questions, use the comment section below.

Have a great day, guys!

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