Webtastic Stories – The Truckers, the Clown, and the Leader

Joe the Trucker was racing down the highway. All his Twitter feeds told him to be at the ambassador bridge. He was going to fight the New World Order. He would never take the vaccine because it is poison. They want to kill humanity, and he can be a hero. The only thing he needs to do is go to the bridge and stop trade between the US and Canada. He will prevent the sky from falling!

Dr. Robert Malone told him that 90+% of people in Canada who were vaccinated were suffering from a “mass formation psychosis”. He will keep Prime Minister Trudeau, Doug Ford, and other world leaders need to be held accountable for their evil deeds. How dare they destroy our freedoms and our health?!


Joe was going to make them pay – he is the hero of a story. All the truckers are heroes. They are saving the west. All the years of fighting with people online will end because they are heroes. He is a hero. The Truckers are going to redeem the west!


The most important thing to understand, they believe they are saving the world. They’re completely wrong, but they believe they are fighting a righteous fight against tyranny!

If you have not figured out 90% of the truckers in the “Freedom Convoy” are paranoid people suffering from mental health issues, here is your wake-up call. And do not shame them because having a mental illness is not something to shame. Yes, they are acting irrationally, but they need our help.

And they are doing this because their social media feeds push them to irrational decisions. The years of fighting have left them wounded by the side on the road. They are desperate for help. They are so addicted to fighting they will stand against the “evil Trudeau government” in their last stand. 

The Algorithm taught them the “Left” were their enemies because their social media feeds are 1000s of irrational ideas, memes, videos and articles. And all things are fair in love and war. They are doing whatever it takes to fight the evil invaders destroying their freedoms, families, and country!

Enter the Clown, Prime MInister JT!

He hates all the misogynists, sexist, racists and white supremacists – so he has to make a point against these “fringe minority” who “hold unacceptable views”!

First, he calls the truckers a fringe minority, and the unvaccinated are “misogynists, sexists, racists, and white supremacists.” Like Joe, the Prime Minister is saying this because the Algorithm has taught him this for years. He is just as blind to what the Algorithm has done to him as Joe the Trucker.

We have two groups (In reality – one group) of people who spend too much time on the Internet who constantly react to each other – fighting, fighting, fighting. I have a hypothesis – the more people spend time online, the more angry, depressed and paranoid they become because the Algorithm is programmed to push controversial materials because they get more interactions.

They are neither liberals because liberals believe in liberty. They are not conservatives because conservatives believe in self-ownership, self-discipline, self-control and self-sacrifice.

Conservatives will always be anti-mandates – I support the Truckers’ cause, but not their behaviours. Only I get to make decisions. The Clown wants to force us to do what he wants because he does not believe in self-ownership.


But I want to help my community and keep myself safe, so I got vaccinated. I am boosted and proud. I made decisions, knowing others would not like it. I own myself, and I am disciplined because I do what I believe is right.

And I keep my cool. It is okay to me that others make different decisions than I make. That is called self-control.

And I made the sacrifice to help my community. Not much of one either. Being boosted substantially reduces my odds of going to the hospital or dying.

I am not under some “mass formation psychosis”. I know the people who say such things are clout chasing. It is not the truth, and they want their 15-minutes of fame!

But I also know Prime Minister Trudeau is wrong. His actions and rhetoric are just as misguided as Joe. He believes he is saving the world by fighting the “fringe minority”!


Well, what is it? Is Joe or Trudeau saving the world?

Well, the honest answer is – neither are. And depending on your feeds and media, you either support Trudeau and hate the Truckers, or vice versa. Both are ridiculous. I do not take my views from what others say on any media.

During this crisis, the only leadership I see is from Doug Ford. As the Premier of my province, he listened to the experts and the people. He is looking for the best ways to bring Ontario out of the pandemic. He has a plan, and he is sticking to it.

During his emotional press conference, Doug was stoic. He said he was working to lift all restrictions in Ontario, but he is doing it cautiously and following the data. Doug stands firm on his plans to end the mandates, unlike Premier Scott Moe and Premier Jason Kenny, who bowed to the truckers immediately. We have a plan, be patient because this will help Ontario in the long run. His self-ownership is inspirational.

He made difficult decisions, showing he is also self-disciplined. He knows that others will not like his approach, but he choose a difficult path.

And he kept it together in the press conference, declaring a state of emergency. Premier Ford has strong self-control.

Maybe he is sacrificing his premiership, but he is doing the right thing. I am proud of his leadership. Doug Ford is a real conservative!

And Doug is not out to “SAVE THE WORLD” either, he knows he has to make things better, but he is not a Twitter-Brain.

Thanks for reading!

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