My 2021 Reflection and 2022 goals

Good afternoon guys!

I waited for today to start this blog/vlog, it’s the first full week of 2022, so this is the beginning of my 2022.

At this time in 2021, I was on Parler before it got took down. I was following the agenda, don’t go on the Mainstream websites – no Twitter, no WordPress, no Amazon. They were the enemy, or so I was told. I laugh now, that was such a stupid take.

I went to Minds after Amazon pulled the plug on Parler. I tried to build my social media community on Minds, and things went badly. I wanted to solve everyone’s problems and create a community that would help overcome the algorithms – after all, 50 reviews on Amazon help get a person’s book featured in search results.

But I was over eager, I focused on numbers instead of solid relationships. That was a major mistake for me. Some of the people I was allowing in were the kind of people I didn’t like. I slammed the door on them, but it taught me so many lessons.

One, valley times, those dark moments of our souls, help us realize big truths. If you are having a hard time, look at how you got yourself in that situation. Like I said above, I focused on numbers instead of quality of the people I was interacting with. I’ve changed that and I couldn’t be happier.

Two, you don’t have to solve other people’s problems. It’s better to focus on you. If you can’t solve your problems. . .

Later, I realized other mistakes I made. First, remember how stupid I said my take on the mainstream websites. I closed my google account, and because I closed it, I couldn’t interact with Minds anymore, they changed their website to require two-step verification and the old email I used was the google account that I couldn’t log into anymore. I couldn’t buy into their liquidity to jumpstart my Crypto Currency strategy.

This mistake allowed me to realize, don’t let others set your priorities. I hurt myself because closing my google account, so I was punishing myself.

Add the problems with lockdowns, Covid and all the other world problems – I certainly had a hard time last year.

But that didn’t stop me.

1. I got the Tales from Trinity City beta rulebook done.
2. I wrote Webtastic Stories.
3. I wrote the World Building for Game Devs and Writers series.
4. I created numerous scenes.
5. I wrote the Tales from Trinity City map supplement rough draft.
6. I planned the Tales from Trinity City Campaign.
7. I wrote rough drafts for 4 of the Beta Campaign mission instalments.

Like I said, don’t let others set your priorities.

So, what are my goals for this year?

1. I want to finishing writing the Beta Campaign and start testing it on Twitch.
2. I want to 3 series – Writing for Game Development and Novels series, Time Management for Creatives, Tabletop Game Design.
3. Marketing Materials for Tales from Trinity city and Webtastic Stories.
4. Finish the Beta Map Supplement.

For Social Media –

1. Gain 10 followers on Twitter/week.
2. Gain 10 followers on WordPress (maybe you want to follow me right now).
3. 10 followers on Twitch/week.
4. 10 subscribers on YouTube/week.

This year, I am focusing on my goals and I will share what I learn, but I’m going full steam head. I have to make my little kingdom on Earth!

What’s your goals for this year?

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