Weird Tribalism – a Webtastic Story

One of the things that makes me laugh about the Internet is how bizarre tribalism is and how reality-denying it becomes. I expect if people got off social media, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves!

Case in point, a righteous anti-racist verbally assaulted one of the writers I follow on Twitter for a grammar lesson. I bet you have no idea people who use good grammar and expect it are real grammar nazis – a straight-up white supremacist who is ableist, sexist, and racist!. That is according to an Arizona State University professor. Fortunately, he has limited reach, and most of his student’s probably go, oh – I get the white supremacy teacher this semester, yay!

Even with limited reach and having about the same respect as Rodney Dangerfield, one tribal member lives out the “professor’s” ideology!

As I said, the most I ever do is laugh at them and move on. The ideologues make demands that are impossible to live a life. Just be a decent person.

Recently, a significant controversy shook the Internet. Trump is pro-jab. Most Republicans are not taking the jab simply because the Democrats want it. In reality, I am watching the battle of wills between Kruge and Kirk in StarTrek 3.

Kruge refused to teleport Spock simply because Kirk wished it!

After a Christmas greeting like this, I wonder why Republicans are angry and not taking the jab.

But with a White House Christmas greeting like this, I almost understand. If you hate Biden so much, and he says this, why would you want to get jabbed? But, if you truly live a free life, his rhetoric shouldn’t prevent you from taking the jab; you make your decisions based upon the data.

In Ontario, with over 10,000 cases of Omicron, they only had 43 new hospitalizations. With an over 85% vaccination rate, Ontario is kicking Omicron’s butt. I hope this will be your moment of truth and grace because the jab helps. I believe Canada is still on course to lift all Covid restrictions by the summer, probably by Victoria Day weekend.

I hope people listen to former President Donald Trump because he’s pro-vaccine and anti-mandate. We didn’t need mandates in Canada because nobody listened to idiot grifters, like Ezra Levant from the Rebel News. The jab isn’t a death sentence, and grifters like Levant and Candace Owens are only out for “Fame, Clout, and Money!”

Owens was entirely surprised Trump didn’t bite any of her anti-vaccine lures!

She didn’t do her journalistic due diligence. Trump has always said to take the vaccine – despite his supporters not cheering him. Check the clip.

Owens is unwise, basing her beliefs on the jab on the Internet. Instead of being a real conservative who believes in self-sacrifice, self-ownership, and self-discipline, she lets the paranoid rantings of fanatics “educate” her on what to do.

On the other hand, Trump shows his consistent character. He praised the vaccine and shut her down. And his critics, now many Republicans, are angry, and others praise him.

But this also confuses those who hate Trump. Debra Messing has been very vocal with her opposition to Trump ever since he got elected. But she is stunned because Trump is pro-vaccine like her. She had an image of the angry fire god, President Trump, which has been dispelled with new information.

Cognitive dissonance happens when new information challenges your belief which causes discomfort. 

“What is his game?!”

How can you solve all of this tribalism? I have a great solution, stop listening to online banter and build your own life.

Listening to these jokers can destroy your life!

Many people on the Internet want you to accept their priorities and live for them, and most of them are wrong. Whether you believe using good grammar makes people into a real-life “Grammar Nazi”, or you refuse to take the jab because a paranoid person says it will kill you, or you hate Trump because everyone tells you he is “Literally Hitler”, you are slowly harming yourself. Learning to discern between real life and fantasy is crucial in the 2020s!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

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