Internet Communism – a Webtastic Story

When I first studied Communism, one of the things that amused me was the final stage of Communism, “Seizing the means of production”. It amused me, because it would lead to people trading with others, and hence to make capitalism fair, you have to dismantle it to make it again.

You see, I want to sell my stories, blogs and games. I love writing and creating art. If I want to focus on my writing, art and game development, should I build a computer or buy a computer someone else makes? Furthermore, I have no idea how to assemble a server to put my work onto the Internet, so I contract WordPress – and creating a payment processor is beyond me, but DrivethruRPG and Amazon have great storefronts. I’ve seized the means of production for my life, and someone else can do the things I’m not interested in learning.

Of course, this would lead to capitalism, as some people like making computers, iPads, keyboards – so they are happy, and I’m satisfied.

When I think of the epitome of a group of individuals who have seized the means of production, it’s indie comic creators and Comicsgate. They refuse to work with Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse comics. They won’t suffer “the whip” of the master of the comics industry. They create their art, and people will support them if they choose them. They have seized the means of production, and they work with other industries, like printing press companies and sell their comic books to their fans.

But Internet Communists only hate it.

So seizing the means of production is capitalism, like I always said.

We all know that social media algorithms have warped how these Internet communists see the world. Mark Zuckerberg, Susan Wojcicki and Jack Dorsey created algorithms to promote content they would engage with because they wanted to make money. Their feeds say these are “filthy right-wingers and bigots”, so they attack people who have worked hard and rebelled against the industry leaders.

If Karl Marx saw people of Comicsgate and other indie comic creators he would praise them for rising against their industry. Marx would declare what they are doing is the ideal he was looking for – the workers are finally fighting against the companies that exploit them. But social media algorithms have destroyed Internet communists imaginations.

Has any of the Internet communists thought, maybe DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse comics influenced their opinions by having people in their PR departments smear indie comics on the Internet?

After all, a comic like Kamen America can crowdfund $200,000 for one issue, and they produce four a year, so almost $1 million. When you think about the indie comics industry, they sell more than $10 million a year by all accounts.

Or you can side with billion-dollar industry giants, the bourgeoisie, who attack their fans periodically and their competitors. Not to mention how much crunch time goes on there.

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