World Building for Writers and Game Devs 101

Welcome to Amazing Gaming Productions. My name is Mark.

I am the creator of Tales from Trinity City, a dark sci-fi tabletop RPG set in the last unoccupied human city. You can check out the game materials here.

I created this world-building series because world-building is a vital part of the writing process. You have to take your time to define the world your story takes place in, and if you do that, you can see much more of the story (at least, I have always found that).

Physical Aspects

The first aspect is to create a physical realm of your world and what they mean to your story. Think about the kinds of environmental forces that change worlds and stories.

Solar and Lunar Cycles | Geology and Geography | Atmosphere and Weather | Flora | Fauna

Historical Aspects

No matter how many want to hate the ideas of religion and ancient history, they are huge parts of our culture and any culture in your world. People find meaning through many ancient practices, helping them spread ideas, one generation after another.

Myths, Legends, and Religion | Archetypes, Laws, and Professions | Recent History

Cultural Aspects

Now that you understand what has influenced your world’s culture/cultures let’s talk about the current expressions of culture. Every culture has differences in its art, religions and philosophies, languages. Races and multicultural and ethnostates have influences on culture. More importantly, the economy and governments can have impacts on the culture.

Art | Religion and Philosophy | Languages | Races | Economy | Government

Urban Living

As we focus on culture, every city can have a very different culture because history, demographics and geography influence the energy of a community.

Map Making and Geography | History and Demographics | Daily Life | Slang and Colourful Metaphors

Speculative Ideas

Finally, if you’re creating a magical or sci-fi world, you need to understand how technology and powers work. The more you develop these ideas, the better your descriptions will appear on paper.

Science and Technology | Magic and Powers

Thank you for reading my series. If you can think of any new topics, drop me a line. And if you have seen great examples of any of these subjects, tell me about them.

Share this with your writing or game development friends.

Have a great day!

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