Twitter Rules, a Webtastic Stories

Yesterday, Twitter changed its rules about sharing pictures of people. When you read the thread, you will see they want to reduce the nasty behaviour fanatics like to do. People who will post up people’s private information, called Doxxing.

People also can’t take pictures of people doing something they hate to “name and shame them”, like what happened to “Iron Ma’am”, or Nicholas Sandman. Remember when Kyle Rittenhouse’s image was passed around by President Joseph Biden. Now people have a legal right through Twitter’s terms of service to fight back.

Their new rules make me happy because they’re going to de-escalate the fictitious “culture war”. Most people who believe in this culture war bear so many similarities to my mom, who suffers from a paranoid personality disorder. Their rantings are all very similar.

Many people on the “Left” say this will prevent them from finding the evil white supremacists, the Jan. 6th insurrectionists and other undesirables. They believe Twitter is protecting the evil right-wingers.

Many people on the Right also think Twitter is protecting the evil scum on the Left. How will people be able to show that Antifa is burning down cities? The rules are an assault on our freedom to protect ourselves.

Most of the responses show many things. One, the respondents are not reading the thread of tweets. Second, they don’t want to see the world any other way but their paranoid worldview. Instead of seeing how this will prevent Trans activists from going to JK Rowling’s home and taking pictures to dox her, or idiots going to Nanci Pelosi’s private home and posting pictures of having a bar-ba-que – all illegal acts. No, this is Twitter’s attempt to protect the evil ones who need to be named and shamed.

The worst, and the most humourous, take I saw was from, one of the niche alt-tech social media platforms. The new rules will destroy memes!

Yes, Twitter will destroy memes!

Run for the hills because their new rules are going after our memes!

Memes are vital in the world!

You can’t attack memes!

Twitter is evil!

We forbid you to touch our memes!

Come to Minds because we allow memes!

Many people in this culture war are irrational, but the meme thing takes the cake. Most people on Minds act like they are high school students who take gossip as gospel truth!

IMO, the 2020s will be the decade people will reject the messed up 20-teens. 

Maybe GamerGate made everything worse, despite the best of intentions? Maybe the culture war is just a way to just mud sling? Maybe all the conspiracy theories are the products of paranoid minds that twist everything into their point of view?

And maybe people should ignore other people and build their lives instead of fighting on the Internet to “Save the world/Save the west”!

And most importantly, it might be the decade that the mentally ill get help by dispelling their illusions.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Rules, a Webtastic Stories

    1. Lol. Some people take things way too seriously and let their bias twist anything to say, I’m offended by this.

      I liked Target Tori’s take. She had an influencer who was offended by her service because she didn’t give him an electric toothbrush for 1 cent. He took her picture and went on Twitter and tried to shame her a couple of years ago. Good people started a go fund me and she took an extended vacation. She’s asking Twitter to take down any pictures related to her harassment. . . Good for her.

      The Nicholas Sandman incident was way worse though. He had a wood chippper goes brrr post from a Disney exec. . .


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