Kyle Rittenhouse’s Story, a Webtastic Story

Once upon a time, there were four idiots. Their names were Kyle Rittenhouse, Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum, Gaige Grosskreutz. They listened to all the gossip they could hear on social media. Huber, Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz believed they were fighting against people that were destroying Murica, the Republicans, right wingers and cops. They needed to be at Kenosha, or Murcia would be lost.

Rittenhouse, also listening to all the gossip online, believed he was protecting Murica as well. The Left hated Murica, they were causing violence and riots, destroying property and killing people. He had to do something, because if he didn’t, his nation would be destroyed.

These 4 idiots collided with each other because of happenstance. Each blamed each other for what was wrong with the world and they fought each other. Huber, Rosenbaum, and Grosskreutz pulled something first, and attacked Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse responded by killing two people.

Rittenhouse’s life was changed forever, because he listened to stupid gossip online. There is no threat to the west, Murica, Canuckia. There is no great communistic conspiracy out to destroy us. If he stopped listening to the gossip online, he’d wouldn’t have been there and killed two people.

Huber and Rosenbaum died because they believed social media gossip.

If people don’t see the truth of the meme because two people lost their lives by living someone else’s agenda, and Rittenhouse’s life is changed forever, for living someone else’s agenda, then you are blind.

Nobody should have been at Kenosha because of online gossip. People died because of online gossip and other people’s agenda. Don’t be as stupid as those people were. Online gossip kills.

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