Amazing Gaming Productions Mission Statement

Every creative is on the hero’s journey! They have one foot on tradition and the other foot expressing their unfettered truths. They are bravery personified.

Whether creatives accept or refuse the call for the adventure – afraid of the dragons that stand before the shout imposter syndrome or cancel culture, or you’re no good, or that’s too progressive or not progressive enough. But we all need a kindly Gandalf to kick our Baggins’ ass out the door.

If we don’t, then the stories we want to tell will never see the light of day. Especially right now, we need brave storytellers who will express what they see in the world. There is so much darkness that has blinded the hearts of so many.

Remember, only if we invade the dragon’s lair can we gain the treasure inside. You can only get the riches by diving deep into the fire of your passions. We have to allow the fire to push us to our limits – we need to share the burden of glorious purpose in our lives.

I explore stories that delve deep into the darkness that permeates every person’s heart. I show the pits of despair, and I show characters who struggle to climb out into a life of meaning and purpose, or I show how repugnant an unrepentant and unexamined life is.

I invite you to get to know me and my stories.

You’ll not be disappointed, the very best stories I have, you’ll see!

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