Webtastic Stories Overview

In Nov. 2019, I saw something truly bizarre. The Blue Checkmarks on Twitter said that there was a threat of many mass shootings starting the Incel rebellion because the Joker Movie encouraged white male rage.

It didn’t happen!

And in May of 2020, there was a narrative that President Trump shut down the Internet in DC to kill thousands of protestors. 

It didn’t happen!

And then there was “the Authors of Parler” controversy, where Jenny Trout said that the authors on Parler were out to kill 1/2 of America.

I knew something was very wrong with all these narratives that people believed. Many seemed to be struggling with paranoia.

So, I decided to write Webtastic Stories to help them out.

At a Glance –

TITLE: Webtastic Stories


GENRE: Dark Pulp Fiction Satire


PUBLISHER: Amazing Gaming Productions

COMP TITLES: The Matrix meets the X Files.


Webtastic Stories is all about how messed up the Internet is in three short stories.

The first, the Beatrice Nairobi Story, the Curious tale of Max White. The story is about lying influencers who will do anything for “Fame, Clout, and Money!”

The Puppet Masters, the second story, looks at the aftermath of Internet Drama. One of Beatrice’s fans goes through hell and realizes how she let the Internet manipulate her.

The final story, the Odysee starts after the Puppet Masters when someone annoys the Protagonist about Beatrice Fan. They go on a quest on the Internet to understand why outrage culture exists.

Nothing on the Internet is as it seems.

For Beta Readers –

Contact me @ amgampro@protonmail.com

For Interviewers –

Check out the Press Kit here.

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