Tales from Trinity City

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Every journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step. In September of 2019, I started the Tales from Trinity City RPG project. Armed with an iPad and a dream, I worked diligently to create every aspect of a unique RPG.

Currently, you can download beta version rulebook, lore book, and character sheet off this website and Dropbox for free. I’m working on the beta campaign – Welcome to the Projects.

The campaign follows the story of some Gifted living in the Projects, struggling to find meaning. The party uncovers a plot to destroy their kind, and they have to prevent it from happening to save humanity.

Enjoy my brand new world!

At a Glance –

TITLE: Tales from Trinity City


GENRE: Dark Sci-Fi Tabletop Role Playing Game

PUBLICATION DATE: By Summer/Fall 2023

PUBLISHER: Amazing Gaming Productions

COMP TITLES: Heroes meets Independence Day and Blade Runner.

Synopsis –

Trinity City is the last hope for humanity. The Serpentine empire has conquered the rest of the world. 

Humanity stopped the Serpents as they invaded the City. A Gifted unleashed a storm the likes the world has never seen before or since, destroying all the Serpent’s ships, mechs and troops.

Trinity City has struggled ever since – come and explore the great mysteries of Trinity City.

Tales from Trinity City is a dark sci-fi tabletop RPG where you create a character who explores the city, uncovers mysteries, and either solves or causes mayhem.

Tales from Trinity City is a four-phase project.

Phase 1 is the creation of the beta version of the game, including the first campaign. The Lore book and the rulebook is complete for the moment.

Phase 2 will start after the campaign’s rough draft is done, when I switch focus to the next version of the lore book. I have several ideas on how to take it from a ‘history book codex’ to a living document filled with the history and personal experiences of people living in Trinity City.

I will also rebalance the power sets based on the feedback from my players during the first campaign.

I will also write a second campaign, the Cyber Punks. It is a tale of revenge. You are a peace officer trying to deal with a rising Cyberlink crime rate throughout Trinity city. What is happening, and who is causing it?

Phase 3 will be the final stretch. After all the testing and revisions, I will publish Tales from Trinity City on DriveThru RPG, Amazon and this website.  You can choose which platform you can purchase it on.

I will also publish a third campaign, Death Song in Little Asia. Something dark is moving in the Asian district. You need to uncover it and fight off the spiritual wickedness that is threatening the safety of Trinity City.

Phase 4 will be a mixture of novels and expansions. First will be the novels for the champions that will transform the world, and then updates for the rules and lore book with each book.

After The Chronicles of Kurall, the first novel from this universe, there will be three campaigns. Let it Burn, the first campaign devoted to being a villain. Up, Up, and Away is a story that follows a team of heroes who work to join the Alliance. The last campaign is For Family and Blood. It will take place before, during and after the largest battle in Trinity City’s history.

After that, I plan to release three more novels, The Rise of the Phoenix, The Plague of Hope, and An Assassin’s Hell – each will have expansions for the rules and lore of the world.

For the Players –

Download the lore book, rulebook, and character sheets here.

For Interviewers –

Check out the Timeline here.

Check out the Press Kit here.

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