Tales from Trinity City Roadmap

Phase 1

I started working on Tales from Trinity City in earnest in Sept. 2019, before the lockdowns. After several drafts of the lore book and the rulebook and character sheet, I released them on Dropbox (and now this website) in June 2021. You can check them out and provide feedback here.

But there is only so much feedback I can incorporate until I get some people to play the game. I am creating the first campaign to test the game. Currently, the issues are coming along quickly – with all the planning and development, the story is telling itself. I should get the campaign done by March 2022.

Welcome to the Projects involves some deep mysteries in the city. You create a Gifted character who struggles to find meaning in a life where the city shuns you. Throughout the story, you learn about a hidden threat to the Gifted. The party must unravel this mystery and prevent a catastrophe from happening.

After the campaign, I plan on rebalancing the power sets to ensure they are all balanced. Tales from Trinity City is going to do its best to honour the player base.

Phase 2

I start Phase 2 by improving the lore book. The current lore book reads more like codex entries in a history book. I intend on writing an exciting personal account of recent history and city life. I already have plans for version 0.5 of the lore book.

I will start working on this in Jan. 2022, and I should have it finished by June 2022.

Once I have the feedback from the 1st campaign, I will start working on version 0.5 of the rulebook. I want to balance out the power sets based upon player feedback. I should complete these edits in Oct. 2022.

To test the new rules, I will create a 2nd campaign – the CyberPunks. Right after the events of the 1st campaign, a plot of brewing. A new faction has splintered off the Network, and they are out for revenge. Their goal, to destroy the Central Authority for its cruel treatment of anyone with Cyberlink technology. This campaign will go on to March of 2023.

The campaign will allow me to test the rebalanced rules for power sets to ensure every power set has its positives and weaknesses. I want them to fit the players’ style.

You will create a Peace Officer who is part of a task force to deal with this threat to the city.

Phase 3

The third phase will be the official launch phase. First, I will hire an editor to help improve Tales from Trinity City’s rulebook and lore book. After I get through the professional edits, I will publish the set on Drivethru RPG, Amazon and Amazing Gaming Productions on June 2023. You decide which platform you are more comfortable to purchase the materials.

Shortly after, I will release Death Song in Little Asia. Something dark is lurking in Little Asia, and you have to discover what it is. This campaign will delve into the mystical threats facing the city, and it will come out in Nov. of 2023.

The next step will be to publish the novel the Chronicles of Kurall. A few months later, I will create an expansion to the game – adding to the lore and rulebooks. It will also come with a new campaign, Let it Burn. I will release both the expansion and campaign on Nov. 2024. For the first time, you have a story devoted to villains, trying to cause as much mayhem as you can.

In Nov. 2025, I will publish Up, Up and Away. It takes place around the same time as Let it Burn. The campaign is devoted to the heroic – the players aspire to become members of the Alliance. You fight to inspire and protect the city as tensions rise through the events of the story.

In Nov. 2026, I will publish the final official campaign – For Family and Blood. For Family and Blood is about being a member of the Trinity City military, fighting in the largest battle in Trinity City’s history.

These are only tentative dates right now, but I doubt much will deter this roadmap.

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