Welcome to my website

Hi, I’m Mark and I’m a creative entrepreneur!

Since I was a child, I’ve been writing, drawing, creating art and telling stories for over 40 years now. Professionally, I’ve created dozens of personal websites, written hundreds of blogs and stories, created hundreds of memes, dozens of 3d still life art, and developed my own fantasy world for games.

My greatest accomplishments, I created a TableTop RPG called Tales from Trinity City and a short story collection Webtastic Stories.

Tales from Trinity City is a dark sci-fi tabletop RPG. You create a character with super powers, who explores and protects the last unoccupied human city, Trinity City, or maybe you just want to cause mayhem as a villain?

Webtastic Stories is a dark satire pulp fiction collection about how insane the Internet has become. With lying influencers, angry mobs, Internet drama, the aftermath of outrage, and maybe a bit of hope – learning how to ignore the latest controversy!

I love sharing what I learn as I continue to research writing, storytelling and game design and development. I put up blogs on different topics and I usually get around to record videos for them as well.

Thanks for following my content!

If you want to connect with me on social media – I’m on these places –

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube

If you want to contact me for an interview on my work, I have two press kits –

Tales from Trinity City | Webtastic Stories

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